About Protective Coatings

Ramdev Resins Pvt. Ltd. offers a range of high performance industrial protective coatings, designed to protect its customer’s assets in the most demanding environment conditions. The protective coating range includes products for application on various metallic surfaces such as mild stone, SS, aluminum, galvanized steel etc.

The company offers a complete product range that includes Epoxy, polyurethane & Speciality Coatings, Heat Resistance Alluminium paints to serve a wide range of industries such as Chemical & Fertilizer Plants, Oil & Gas Structures, Power Plants, OEMs etc.

Ramdev Resins Pvt. Ltd. have hands on experience in undertaking research and development work on tailor made coatings for its customers. The Company can offer complete solutions not only on the choice of the appropriate types of Coatings, but also on pre-treatment, coating application & curing technology.